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The weku expands: WELcome Elorm

Everything we do is done WEL.  It is therefore in that vain that we have been able to expand the team in Ghana with one who we believe to apply all the principles of excellence that WEL express but also has a passion for all the wonderful things that God has planned for Ghana, Africa and Africans in the Diaspora.

WEL Brand Exec
WEL Brand Exec

His name is Jones Elorm and will be taking the role of Brand Executive in Ghana as we establish the company within the Ghana markets.  When asked how his passions aligns with the vision of WEL, Jones responded with “I am an innovative young man with the desire to contribute to the development of the Corporate sector of my country,” after a pause he continued with “I am determined to face higher challenges and stronger competitions in an organisation that offers a genuine opportunity for growth and career development in my chosen field.”

Jones comes with a Network Configuration and Management background which allows him to possess such transferable skills as attention to detail, effective time management, ability to multi-task and problem solving with out-of-the-box solution ideas, amongst other skills.  Jones’ favourite past time is fitness training wither at home or in his local gym and therefore embraces the God Made Me Fit brand and service, eagerly awaiting its launch.

We look forward to Jones doing all his jobs WEL.