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Ghana National Anthem

We have been thinking about the current situation in Ghana and Africa as a whole, and how far we have come in our 58 years of “Independence” and 55 years as a “Republic”. Let us think back to the Ghana National Anthem.

Here are the lyrics of THE ORIGINAL national anthem written by the composer Philip Gbeho which is the tune we currently sing:

1. Lift high the flag of Ghana,
The gay star shining in the sky,
Bright with the souls of our fathers,
Beneath whose shade we’ll live and die!
Red for the blood of the heroes in the fight,
Green for the precious farms of our birth-right,
And linked with these the shining golden band
That marks the richness of our Fatherland.

2. We’ll live and die for Ghana,
Our land of hope for ages to come!
Shout it aloud, O Ghana,
And beat it upon the drum!
Come from the palm-lined shore, from the broad northern plain,
From the farm and the forest, the mountain and mine.
Your children sing with ancient minstrel lore:
Freedom for ever, for evermore!

3. God be with us in Ghana
And make our nation great and strong,
Brave to defend for ever
The cause of freesom and of right.
For ever the flag of Ghana proudly flies
In distant seas or else beneath our skies.
Let peace and fellow-feeling be our might,
And may our name be a radiant light.

4. This be our vow, O Ghana,
To live as one, in unity,
And in your strength, O Ghana,
To build a new fraternity!
Africa waits in the night of the clouded years
For the spreading light that now appears
To give us all a place beneath the sun:
The destined ending of a task well done.
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