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Are you experiencing Dumsor in the spirit?


Our Brand Executive, Jones Anku shares some thoughts by comparing the ‘Ghana Dumsor to the Christian Life’.

Our lives need to be plugged in to Christ; powered up to work, for He is our source of power.
What is the cost for purchasing a Generator set? How much did it cost Us to be saved (personally what did it cost me)?
Phones have batteries to retain the power after charging; Our spirit feeds on the word to gain understanding to be able to retain that knowledge of understanding to be lit up always.
We can go on and on with the list of things we have no problem doing to get something out of it, but when we are not comfortable with our current lifestyle in Christ we think it should be fixed automatically.  Whether we power it up by feeding on His word or think it’s Our BIRTH RIGHT.
What is Our attitude when the light goes off, we are uncomfortable we are unhappy and that pushes some of Us to look for alternatives of power to live a comfortable life.
Why then are we pushed into social vices, complaints etc. when the storm hits us real hard as if somebody or society is the cause!

What is Your attitude? What is Your motive?