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Are you coming to Ghana with a Non-Ghanaian passport? You will need to apply for a Ghana Tourist Visa via the Ghana High Commission Visa Service here.  Please allow 4-6 weeks prior to your flight to get this completed.

Once you have completed the form online, you will need to take:
★ A Printed copy of the Ghana Visa Application Form* and all other necessary forms (downloadable online)
★ 2 Recent Passport size photos
★ Your non-Ghanaian passport
★ Payment amount for the Visa Application (cost is based on the type of Visa being applied)
*If staying in a Hotel or resort, and you put the hotel address as one (1) of the two (2) References on the Visa Application form, you will also need the Hotel Reservation letter


Before travelling to Ghana, here are a few things (apart from your visa) you may need to consider:
★ Yellow Fever Vaccination (mandatory): for advice on which countries need this, please see the World Health Organisation website here.  You will need to carry your Yellow Fever Card (Ghanaian and Non-Ghanaian Nationals)
★ Anti Malaria Medicine (advisable): You will need a prescription from the GP. See some information about Malaria here.  You may want to carry with you insect repellant also
★ Sun Screen (advisable): Ghana is a tropical country with Accra being on the Atlantic Ocean.  The sun is hot and there is a high risk of burning.  You are therefore advised to carry sun screen at all times
★ Money: The currency used in Ghana is the Ghana Cedi (¢/GHS) and the value is between £1:¢5 and £1:¢6 (please check closer to the time of travelling as the exchange rate fluctuates) and you are advised to exchange your money when you arrive.  You can also use ATMs for Mastercard/Visa cards (please inform your bank that you are travelling if you wish to use your card)
★ Water: Tap water is safe for use to wash and brush teeth, but not to drink. Please drink from bottled water at all times
★ Other Vaccinations (optional): please see The National Travel Health Network and Centre website here for information on any other vaccinations
★ Phone calls: It is fairly cheap to call from Ghana to the UK (and other countries) and sim cards are readily available.  Please let us know if you would like one before you arrive
★ Foreign Travel Insurance (optional): for advice, please see the UK Government website here