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STEP Events is the Event Planning team for Wekumei Enterprises, a team which together holds Event Planning and Management experience of over 20 years.  The team works to make a Social Change with the Professional events we organise.

A great event is an event which from start till finish keeps the guest entertained and the host happy and that is the only reason why we are are as good at what we do.  The Events team at WEL take part in a tour of the event weeks, days and hours before the start time so that they can tweek and polish all aspects until they are happy with it all.

Events Team Portfolio
2016-2017: FLOW (Weekly Live Music Show) at Kristal Accra – Accra, Ghana
2015: Royal Visit of TRH Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (Prince William and Kate Middleton) to The Stephen Lawrence Centre in Deptford – London, UK
2014: Verse-II-Impress Christ In Me: In Christmas – Accra, Ghana
2014: East Ham Elim Church Christ In Me: In Christmas – London, UK
2013: East Ham Elim Church Winter Gala – London, UK
2013: 80th Birthday Celebration – London, UK
2013: The Blue Plaque Unveiling Ceremony for Stephen Lawrence at The Stephen Lawrence Centre in Deptford – London, UK
2013: The 20th Memorial Service of Stephen Lawrence, Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust – London, UK
2012: Bigg Dreams, Bigg Nash Promotions – London, UK
2012: East Ham Elim Church Pre-Christmas Dinner and Dance – London, UK
2012: Bigg September Take Over, Bigg Nash Promotions – London, UK
2012: Planning and Strategising Team for 2012 Ghana DJ Awards – Accra, Ghana
2012: Team GB Basketball Training Team for the London 2012 Olympics – London, UK
2011: Miss West Africa Ghana Auditions and Pageant Finals – Accra, Ghana
2010: NBA Europe Live Tour in London at 02 Arena – London, UK (LA Lakers v Minnesota Timberwolves)
2010: TOSA UK and Ireland The Anchorites Fundraising Event of 2010 – London, UK
2010: Triple Birthday Celebration (Meal and Night Out) – London, UK
2009: NBA  Europe Live Tour in London at 02 Arena  London, UK (Chicago Bulls v Utah Jazz)
2009: Engagement Ceremony of Ms A and Mr F – London, UK
2009: Marriage Ceremony of Mr and Mrs Goode – London, UK
2008: GPA Conference and Awards 2008 at Royal Lancaster Hotel  – London, UK
2007: 25 Wedding Anniversary and 50th Birthday Celebration – London, UK
2007: GPA Conference and Awards 2007 at Royal Lancaster Hotel  – London, UK
2006:  80th Birthday Celebration and Family Reunion – Accra, Ghana
2004: 21/16 Birthday Celebration for Ruth and Lydia – London, UK