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Business principles from the Holy Bible

Book of Ezra: Cyrus, King of Persia project manages the rebuilding of the house of God.


Stage 1: Share the vision (1:2-4)
Stage 2: Find people who God has given passion to about the vision (1:5)
Stage 3: Those invested in the vision will provide the financial resources (1:6-11)
Stage 4: Count up your human resources (2:2-65)
Stage 5: Count up the labour assistance the human resources come with (2:66-67)
Stage 6: Find investors (2:68-69)
Stage 7: Appoint Department heads (2:70)
Stage 8: Prepare everyone for the project (3:1-7)
Stage 9: Set a time to start the project (3:8-9)
Stage 10: Appoint those who will keep the morale up, even though doubters (and mourners) may arise (3:10-13)